The Laser Option

Laser can be a treatment option when other solutions aren’t effective

Toenail fungus is one disease where other approaches don’t work very well • An article in the daily Mall explained:

Oral medications may be successful half the time Rub-on medications succeed in only ten percent of patients.

Because laser light can penetrate the nail surface to directly attack toenail fungus, laser treatment rates can exceed 50%. With most medical lasers, treatment requires an operator to focus a very fine laser beam at small sections of an infected toenail. This can result in either missed areas of infection or painful heat if the beam is focused on one area too long.


Is laser treatment right for you?



Introducing the Erchonia Lunula Laser, the revolutionary low-level laser therapy bringing new hope to people suffering from onychomycosis. Safe and effective, Lunula Laser is the first and only non-thermal cold laser to receive FDA 510(k) Market Clearance for temporary increase of clear nail for patients suffering from Onychomycosis. The innovative Lunula foot fungus laser poses none of the risks and harmful side effects of oral anti-fungal medications and is painless, unlike other laser therapies.


More patients and medical professionals are trusting Lunula laser therapy to effectively target the symptoms of onychomycosis. Using cold lasers specifically designed to target toenail fungus.

Best of all, Lunula is both easy and safe to use. As with each of Erchonia’s low-level lasers, Lunula is held to the highest safety standards and has been tested in the strictest trial conditions for effectiveness and safety. Because the Lunula laser uses extremely low wavelengths and frequencies, most patients experience no discomfort, burning, searing or pain of any kind. Each onychomycosis laser treatment is performed while the patient is awake, reducing downtime and allowing users to go about the rest of their day effortlessly.

Experience the Erchonia advantage when you use innovative Lunula laser treatments to target toenail fungus, with benefits such as:

  • No pain, risks or downtime
  • No dangerous lasers or smoke fumes
  • Unattended procedure while the patient is awake
  • 89 percent patient response to treatments
  • Made in the U.S.

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